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Be A Paid Speaker Now

Jul 26, 2019

Deborah Deras, top Latina Peak Performance Speaker interviews, Founder of Let’s Get Disruptive was founded by Betty Naderi Gabbaie, MBA who has over 20 years of marketing and communications experience using emerging technologies to disrupt industries. 

Betty was at Herbalife for 10+ years and was responsible for creating social media platforms and online tools to expand the business from  $2.5 to $7 billion. She also ran digital marketing and PR for the leading women’s fashion direct selling brand Cabi Clothing and significantly increased traffic and conversions to all digital platforms. She has also guided, developed and implemented marketing plans that resulted in $20 million in sales for a start-up student loan services client as well as influencer marketing plans for product and company launches.

Betty is also a UCLA Extension Instructor teaching courses on Advanced Digital and Social Media Strategies and Influencer Marketing. Let’s Get Disruptive has clients ranging in fashion, real estate, technology, and startup spaces.

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