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Be A Paid Speaker Now

Oct 9, 2018

Deborah Deras, Top Peak Performance Latina Speaker, Author and Marketing Consultant interviews, Toni Farina founder of Farina Film and Video on how speakers can book paid engagements and make their sizzle reel sizzle. She began her career at a rock radio station in Kansas City, Missouri, working in promotions for rock stars such as Eddie Money, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. Toni later relocated to California and began working at Sony Studios and then Fox Sports before working on film and tv sets with celebrities including Celine Dion, Sharon Osbourne, Brendan Fraser and many more. The first person she hired was award-winning and veteran photographer and spouse, Chris Farina, who has photographed celebrities, boxers, presidents and supermodels. Farina Film and Video offers video production and photography services for Small Business owners and Speakers at an affordable price. For more information:, 310-740-5892.