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Be A Paid Speaker Now

Aug 7, 2018

Deborah Deras, America's Top Peak Performance Latina Speaker, interviews, Micah Ross is a millennial entrepreneur, raised on the rough streets of South Central Los Angeles and was a special education student from Manual Arts High School. He became an avid student in the power of mindset to achieve success. One day after a pivotal life experience, he made a decision that he was destined to LIVE, THINK AND DREAM BIG!

He started his career in retail management but quickly worked his way up to management in the banking industry. Today, Micah is a sought after, high energy mindset for success speaker and soon to be published, author.

He speaks to youth organizations, associations, and Fortune 500 companies. He is also a leader of a team of 300 people in a network marketing group.

His goal is to provide Millennials with the mindset for successful strategies to create their own empires.